Configuration file definitions

Configuration keyDescription
versionConfiguration file version.
network.tcp.portThe network TCP and UDP port the daemon listens on.
network.tcp.inbound.maximumThe maximum number of inbound TCP connections.
network.udp.enableEnable UDP connections if true.
rpc.portThe network TCP port the RPC server listens on.
wallet.transaction.history.maximumMaximum transaction history (in seconds) to display.
wallet.keypool.sizeThe keypool size.
wallet.rescanPerform a wallet rescan if true.
wallet.deterministicCreate and require a deterministic wallet if true.
zerotime.depthNumber of blocks a confirmed ZeroTime transaction should reflect.
zerotime.answers.minimumThe minimum number of ZeroTime answers to accept.
mining.proof-of-stakeEnable Proof-of-Stake minting if true.
chainblender.debug_optionsUse ChainBlender debug options.
chainblender.use_common_output_denominationsUse common output denominations.
database.cache_sizeDatabase cache size.
database.privateAllocate from per-process memory instead of shared memory.