Vcash shares the same basic network and cryptographic principles as Bitcoin. The code is written in a backwards compatible but modern approach using C++11. It was built over a period of several years using Peercoin's Proof-of-Stake and Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work consensus as a reference implementation, bringing an alternative codebase to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Engineered to have breakthrough performance and long-term stability.


Encrypted 3-tier network with UDP layer

The UDP layer is used to scale the realtime properties of the network, while significantly decreasing the network latency and easing the load on TCP channels. Proof-of-Stake interest (0.7%) is used to secure the network and recoup destroyed transaction fees, creating long term low inflation, which will reach 1% annual rate in 2019.


Incentive reward voting system

Incentivizing of participants to allow their nodes to act as public peers and support the network infrastructure is used to resolve the scalability issues. This is done by spreading part of the coinbase reward to a subset of vote winners after solving of each Proof-of-Work block.


Off-chain tx lock voting system

ZeroTime allows a recipient to immediately own and spend the received coins. Furthermore, they may be re-spent many times between other recipients before being consolidated on the ledger.

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Client-side blending system

Forms a single transaction from multiple parties by merging similar inputs and outputs, and relaying these operations in an encrypted manner between the participants. The middleman is reduced to a blind relay and the participants are unable to reconstruct the original inputs from the blended transaction.

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